Emirplast on its Turkey Journey





We are starting our new journey with a perfect service understanding and 50 years of experience. While our distributors in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East run for leadership in their markets, we are pleased to serve in our country. We continue our activities with our three factories in two countries; We aim to bring a new breath to the sector with our brand image that we have created in the international arena with our quality and price policy.

While we are showing our difference with the production of brass raw materials, we are opening more than 1000 product types to the Turkish market, including PPR pipe systems, underfloor heating fittings, brass fittings, metal valves and filters. We are proud of being one of the rare companies that produce metal and plastic parts under one roof. We bring all of these products to our consumers by passing them through laboratory and quality control stages.

With our budget-friendly approach as we open to the domestic market, we create a long-lasting bond between our consumers and our products. In our new route; In our new route, we aim to consolidate our position in the Turkish market with a guarantee of reliability based on our principles of long service life, easy assembly and complaint-free operation. We are coming to make a difference in the country with our team that prioritizes consumer demands and carefully monitors after-sales relations.

As Güray Metal Plastik A.Ş brand EMIRPLAST, we say "Hello" to the Turkish construction, sanitary and heating sectors.