Chrome plated brass angle valve

Angle valve long chrome's body is made of high quality brass material and the handle is made of plastic. It provides connection opportunity at an angle of 90 degrees, they are generally used with flexible hoses with female nut. Suitable for connections such as faucets, washing machines and dishwashers, siphons, bidets, toilet sprayer, bidet pipes.It has a longer body to be used with the connection parts under the plaster. It is sold with a stainless rosette to cover the holes that could create an ugly appearance in the ceramic transition area.

Colour / Coating
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Technical Details

Product ComponentsMetal
Plastic RAW Material0
Metal RAW MaterialBrass CW617N
Other ComponentsEPDM Sealing Gasket, Chrome Plated Plastic Handle, Tin Plate Cover, Screw
Connection MethodG-Thread (BSPP, BSPF, BSPM)
Nominal Pressure ValuePN25
Production StandardTS EN 13547

Logistic information

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