Elbow radiator extension

Elbow radiator extension is a brass pipe welded to an outlet of the elbow axial fitting. It is usually used with radiator connection collectors as an extension or as a valve connection. Since it is used at visible places in the house, it has a decorative appearance with chrome plating. In axial fittings, the pipe wall thickness specified in brackets besides the product dimension in the dimension table should be taken into consideration and should only be used with suitable pipes. Emirplast® Axial Fittings are produced with diameters 16 (2.2), 20 (2.8), 25 (3.5), 32 (4.4) according to German Standards. Sleeves used to fix the pipe should be ordered separately in the required quantity, in the same size as the fittings.

Colour / Coating
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Technical Details

Product ComponentsMetal
Plastic RAW Material0
Metal RAW MaterialBrass CW617N
Connection MethodCompression Nut/ Sliding Sleeve
Nominal Pressure ValuePN10
Production StandardTS 579

Logistic information

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