PEX Copper pipe adaptor tee with detachable nipple and o-ring

Copper pipe tee deattachable is used for transition from copper, stainless, brass etc. pipes to PEX or PE-RT pipes. EPDM seal is used in the nipples to which the pipe is attached to ensure impermeability. At the same time, there are plastic gaskets at the joints of pipes and fittings to prevent oxidation in multi-layer Pex-Al-Pex pipes. This series has protruding nipples frequently preferred by professionals, EPDM gasket is used for sealing at the junction point of the body and nipple.

Colour / Coating
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Technical Details

Product ComponentsMetal
Plastic RAW Material0
Metal RAW MaterialBrass CW617N
Other ComponentsEPDM Sealing Oringi
Connection MethodCompression Nut
Nominal Pressure ValuePN10
Production StandardTS 579

Logistic information

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Product SKUCoatingProduct SizeUnit Weight, gUnit QuantityInner Pack QuantityMaster Pack Quantity
35310157161510Nickel16X15X16 0pc00