We encourage the development of our colleagues through respect, offering assistance and tolerance towards all of them and ensure that they take responsibility by providing them with opportunities.


We develop relationships with our business partners on honest and transparent bases, stand by them, take the initiative and find solutions with no hesitation when needed.


We fulfill our responsibilities to our suppliers and companies that provide services to us on time, and establish good relations with their employees within the framework of ethical rules.


In order to be open and accessible to consumers, we try to use all communication channels, value the feedback and opinions of consumers, and try to provide excellent quality and after-sales service experience by solving even minor problems.


We respect cultural, social, political and religious values in all geographies and act according to laws and business ethics.


With awareness that the ecosystem can only exist as a single entity, we manage our commercial activities in a respectful way to all elements of the industry, and we maintain our leader behavior by adhering to ethical values regarding to our competitors.