As a result of our transparency policy, we care about accessibility. We believe that every member of our community, from distributors to plumbers, should have the opportunity to access accurate information, voice their opinion and receive feedback directly from us. We are using all possible communication channels to give this opportunity and we are working every day to make it more accessible for everyone. We care about you, your feedback is very valuable to us.


Even states cannot exist without people. Our community is everything to us. We call him HEPEMIR - Highly Experienced People of Emir. As a community, we share our knowledge, ideas, demands, happiness, experiences and opportunities among us and we know that we are stronger together, join us.

We want to be closer to every member of our community, please fill out the form to share with us what we can do better for you.


Quality first! But at the same time, it is essential for us to make everything beautiful. Our marketing team thinks through every detail, from cardboard box design to shop interior design, to make them as beautiful as our products and generate interesting ideas. If you want to improve your business environment and make a difference in your market with Emirplast style, contact us to understand how we can support you. The heating and plumbing industry doesn't have to be boring.

Loyalty program

We are very happy and grateful to have you with us. We want to know you better and do better things for you. For gifts, useful content, news and more, you can fill out the form on our website and become a part of our family.

We are very happy to see our products being used. Please do not forget to fill in the project declaration form and add photos. This form will be required for initiating insurance process if required.

Product liability insurance

We are confident in our quality, but the extra precaution is never too much. If you have a problem, stay calm, don't worry about paint, flooring, etc. Our insurance covers all damage caused by our products up to 300,000$.

*There may be restrictions in some regions, please check all terms and conditions on the relevant page.

Warranty is a must! Please instruct the salesperson to complete the warranty form and give you a certified copy.

Technical support

We have a technical team of experienced professionals. You can always contact us via online chat on our website or email us. In addition to support requests, you can also share your opinions with us for the improvement of our products. We respect the opinions of professionals who have experience with our products.

We take much care in our product quality, but if you have any complaints about our products, please fill out this form. We will perform the necessary checks and convey our solution suggestions to you directly or through the relevant sales point.

Monitoring and evaluation

We analyze and monitor every detail in global markets. We know the best raw material prices, the situations in different markets and we even know very well what your competitors have and what they can offer. Know that you are one step ahead with us, do not get hung up on details, grow your business and enjoy it.