Is the Valve with packing nut a Solution Behind the Time?


Metal ball valves are divided into two types as with or without a packing nut. In both cases, since the axis is mounted inside the body of all Emirplast products, the possibility of water leaking from the axis with pressure is almost non-existent. In ball valves without packing nut, there are two EPDM round seals on the axis for sealing and the valve handle is tightened to this shaft with the help of a nut. In ball valves with packing nut, there is a round gasket on the axis, and the sealing is provided by a Teflon gasket attached to the bottom of the packing nut that tightens the nut.
Although the packing nut is designed to tighten and repair the axis, which is thought to loosen and leak water, when needed, in this product group, which does not need to be opened and closed frequently, the valve without axis will not loosen and will provide sealing.
In cases where the valve arm is to be removed and the opening-closing function is to be prevented, the packing nut model can be preferred as there is a direct arm that clamps the axis in models without a packing nut.