What is the Valve Used in Plumbing?


The valve is a part used to interfere with the water flow of plumbing and heating pipes. Valves are used to release, stop the flow or change the direction of the water. According to the connection requirements, threaded, flanged and plastic end valves are produced. At the same time, there are ball, butterfly and stuffed valve types according to the internal systems in terms of access control.


What are the Valve Types and Features Used in Plumbing?


Stem valve support is used as control valve. As a result of the movement of the valve (slider) with the shaft pin, it directs the flow and can stop the water. Flow control is provided with the disc sliding between the seal in the flow direction. Radiator valves, shut-off valves and built-in chrome valves are among the most popular examples.


Although the ball valve has an easy opening and closing feature, it is preferred as a gas and water valve due to its tightness. The ball valve, which takes up little space in the pipeline, also provides low pressure loss. It controls the flow with a quarter turn sphere inside. Plastic ball valve, metal ball valve, collector valve and garden tap are the main products in the ball valve group.


Butterfly valve is another flow control tool used in sanitary installations. It is possible to come across butterfly valves in pipelines that require easy on-off. Since it can be opened and closed with less force, it is preferred in the control of flow in very large diameter main lines. There are two separate ball valves, wafer and lug. The difference between the two is that they are assembled in different parts. Lug valve is suitable for line ends, while wafer valve is not suitable for use in this section.


Check valves are valves that allow one-way passage of flow. They are used to prevent backflow in the system. Thanks to the spring inside, it opens with the thrust of the flow and allows passage. It does not have any on-off lever that the user can interfere with the flow control.


EMIRPLAST uses only CW617N high quality brass raw material in the metal parts of all its valves. It has a wide product range in the size range of ½” – 2”.